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About MID CENTURY MODERN furniture

  • How to maintain REFINISHED Mid Century Modern teak, walnut and rosewood furniture

    The first thing is to always protect your furniture from water, cold and hot drinks, plates and pots. It is easy if you have thick place-mats, coaster easily available, especially for kids and guests. 

    There are 2 things you may want always to have at home:

    1. Danish oil(we like medium walnut for most of the pieces; it will not change the wood color but will enhance it). It will be enough for years and years to come. Alternatively, you can use Teak oil (for indoor furniture).
    2. Very fine steel wool (0000)

    You will also need a soft cotton cloth (old tee shirt is our favorite) and gloves (similar to those that medical nurses use). Please do not use any store-bought cleaners, like Pledge and similar;  save your money and your furniture.

  • They don't make them like they used to. This is not true - but can we afford when they do?

    I hear that very often...they do not make that any longer. It is true that we live in a very fast going and disposable world, but it is also true that there are many choices for anything we purchase these days - and that includes the same quality as in old days. 



    If Kijiji sellers say their furniture is made of solid teak, it just does not make it true Buyer beware.

    This is a common misconception, fueled even more with sellers on popular classifieds as Kijiji or Craiglist claiming their MCM furniture is made of solid teak (or rosewood or walnut). In fact, however, almost all high-end Danish furniture (not including chairs, legs, handles, and frames) is made with teak or rosewood veneer placed over less expensive wood like pine or plywood or particle board.