2. They don't make them like they used to.  This is not true - but can we afford when they do?

2. They don't make them like they used to. This is not true - but can we afford when they do?

I hear that very often...they do not make that any longer. It is true that we live in a very fast going and disposable world, but it is also true that there are many choices for anything we purchase these days - and that includes the same quality as in old days. It is also true that our parents and grandparents used to save money, get married, buy a house, perhaps buy a bedroom set one year, saved some more, bought a dining set, a car and so on. And most of them lived with the same furniture all their life.

Nowadays we want everything fast and cheap, and once we get that, we are surprised that things do not last as they used. But do not we get what we paid for? What we have chosen?

Talking about the furniture, at some stores and online we can find a nice looking media unit for $159. It will be made of MDF and painted on top. Sometimes it is solid paint, sometimes it is painted to look like wood grain. So that's basically pressed wood dust and paint. How can this last longer than one year? The step above is MDF or particle board with a paper veneer, reconstituted wood veneers, but none of these will last. And of course, there is no workmanship in this kind of furniture. But it is cheap, we do not need to save, and we can have immediate gratification albeit not lasting long.

We have another choice - buy high-quality furniture. Quite a few Danish companies continue making their quality pieces, but can we afford that quality we want?

Below you will see a few online sources for newly made Mid Century Modern furniture.

The least expensive Hans Wagner chair is USD 2215. Yes, that's correct, just one chair, not all dining room set. Not so nice Borge Mogensen dining chair price starts from USD 785. And they are not even made of teak. Well, there are teak pieces too; for example, Gunni Omann credenza in teak costs USD 5700, Eric Buch teak barstool will cost you USD 975.

Which choice will you make? Cheap made in China? Expensive made in Denmark? Or perhaps a third one that we offer here - restored vintage furniture made of beautiful and expensive woods, workmanship we all desire and at a fraction of a new price. Just keep in mind that resources are very limited, prices keep rising, and the last we heard was that rich people in China want authentic vintage Danish furniture too...





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