3. How to maintain RESTORED Mid Century Modern teak, walnut and rosewood furniture

3. How to maintain RESTORED Mid Century Modern teak, walnut and rosewood furniture

So you just got your new (vintage) furniture lovingly restored by us; the next step is to make sure you know how to keep it looking that good. 

Good news is that it is not complicated; I always compare applying Danish oil to the furniture to applying lotion on your body - both do not require training or long practice:-).

But the first thing is to always protect your furniture from water, cold and hot drinks, plates and pots. It is easy if you have thick placemats, coasters easily available, especially for kids and guests. 

There are 2 things you may want always have (I posted links to Home Hardware but check Home Depot or local paint store if more convenient):

1. Danish oil (we like medium walnut for most of the pieces; it will not change the wood color but will enhance it). It will be enough for years and years to come. Natural Danish oil or other colors will of course, work too.


2. Fine or very fine steel wool:


You will also need a soft cotton cloth (old tee shirt is our favorite) and gloves (similar to those that medical nurses use). Please do not use any store-bought cleaners, save your money and your furniture.

You will use Danish oil a few times per year to oil your furniture (it depends on humidity, sun exposure, usage, etc). The rule of thumb is to oil than you see that your furniture looks dull and dry, needs cleaning or got scratches. 

Cover the piece with oil (like a lotion), let it dry a bit (10 min or so), dry with a soft cloth and use next day. If you apply too much and it dries, nothing bad will happen - when it is completely dry, use your steel wool like a sandpaper (lightly) until the surface feels nice and smooth.

Do the same if you get scratches. If you feel the piece needs more cleaning, apply Danish oil with the steel wool instead of cloth.

You can also use teak oil (not for outdoor teak), wax or Lemon oil instead of Danish oil or try interchanging these. 

For routine cleaning use clean soft cloth (can be slightly damp, just not leave water standing). Do not use store bought polishes like Pledge!

Most likely it will take less time for you to oil the piece than it took for me to write this post-:-).

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