5. FURNISHING YOUR HOME with MID CENTURY MODERN furniture (part 2 - Dining Tables & Chairs)

5. FURNISHING YOUR HOME with MID CENTURY MODERN furniture (part 2 - Dining Tables & Chairs)

Most authentic Mid Century Modern teak tables are oval with 1-2 centre leaves, round with 1-2 centre leaves, draw leaf (extends with 2 leaves that are at the end of the table) – these are perfect for narrow spaces; you will also find some rectangular tables as well. Some models will be self storing or have a centre butterfly leaf, with some the extensions leaves will have to be stored in closet, etc.

We prefer extendable dining tables, since they are so versatile, and work best in today’s small spaces. You can see all these design options at our online store at https://midcenturymoderntoronto.com/collections/tables-desks

If you have an open concept room (living and dining room together), you may want to get low back chairs, since by letting your eye to easily pass through a frame the chairs will take less visual space, and the room, in turn, will feel larger and less crowded. Tall person would be most comfortable in the high back chair; in that case you may want to consider using two high back chairs at the ends of the table. Many people choose armchairs for their end chairs and get matching or not matching side chairs. If you have not matched chairs, using the same upholstery fabric will unify them into nicely looking “set”.

If you have a separate dining room, your options for the chairs are not limited. The most comfortable chairs are those with cushioned backs and cushioned seats; however, you will also learn, that most Danish MCM chairs are not only beautiful to look at but very comfortable as well (even with the wooden backs), and that’s because of their ergonomic design. If your room is rather plain, you may want to choose the chairs with interesting back, like these:

https://midcenturymoderntoronto.com/products/6-restored-danish-mcm-teak-shield-back-chairs-by-arne-hovmand-olsen-will-be-reupholstered-just-for-you-each-401 or these


In the open concept room, you may want to make sure that your sofa upholstery works well with your dining chairs upholstery. We always have both sofas and chairs where you can choose your fabric. If you already have a sofa, let us know and we will help to make sure that dining chair upholstery would look nice with your sofa upholstery.

Talking about soft furnishings, it is great to pick up the upholstery color from the rug or favourite painting. If you already have sofa and chairs that are not matching, look for the rug that will have both these colors to tie in everything.

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