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RESTORED MCM bedroom set: platform bed w nighstands, slats & matresses and dressers, made in Germany, perfect

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European craftsmanship is evident on this lovely vintage teak Mid-Century Modern bedroom set consisting of a platform bed with a headboard, nightstands, corner storage unit, tallboy and a low dresser.

The bed fits 2 European mattresses as can be seen in photos (mattresses are included for free if desired), total bed size is W 71" x L 79". It will not fit Canadian king size mattress (76" x 80"). In our experience, the easiest and most economical is to buy a King size pillow mattress topper to use on top of the mattresses (something like this  ( and use with a king size sheets.

Supporting slats can be tilted at both ends and locked in place when desired (photos show just one set of slats, but there are 2 included).

Bed dimensions: the bed is 86.6" long (including headboard & footboard), the width is 76" (just bed) / 124.8" (w both nightstands).

Nightstands are W 24.4" x D 18". They are separate from the bed and can be used where desired.

Corner storage unit is a vertical box with the opening on top 18" x 18" H 42". Great to put decorative pillows and bedding.

Tallboy is super compact 24" x 18" x H 42". Would be great for the entrance if not required in the bedroom.

Dresser is low, and could be used as a seat with the storage in any room: L 41.5" x D 18" x H 17".

Most parts are in excellent original condition, some have been refinished with a matching factory finish.

All hardware is included; you only need a mattress cover and sheets (no mattress box required). THE BED HAS BEEN DISASSEMBLED FOR TRANSPORTATION.