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For rent***REFINISHED MCM Electrohome Circa 75 Model 701 Stereo Console Space Age Teak

For rent***REFINISHED MCM Electrohome Circa 75 Model 701 Stereo Console Space Age Teak

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The classic Electrohome "Circa 701" cabinet stereo designed by Gorden Duern and manufactured in Kitchener, Ontario. First marketed in 1967 and a featured product of the Electrohome exhibit at Expo 67. Components of this unit are set in a "Deilcraft" rolltop teak cabinet that is supported by a cantilevered aluminum base and features inset speakers to either side, AM/FM Stereo radio, and a Dual 1209 Turntable that is capable of playing 12", 10" or 7" records at 16, 33, 45 or 78 rpm's. Additional features include bass, treble, volume & balance controls, in/out jacks to hook up an external tape deck, and a detachable inner shelf. The unit as well has external and satellite speaker ports as well as a headphone jack located on the underside of the cabinet.
Gordon Duern, Electrohome's design director, looked to the Canadian government's space program for ideas when he decided to come up with the design. The prototype, a round model created in 1965 or 1966, is housed in the Waterloo Regional Museum in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. It had a solid-state stereo and controls in a teak cabinet, a wall-screen television, and a sound chair with built-in speakers and arm controls.

Duern envisioned the Circa 75 to be a communication center that could do amazing things, like track the New York Stock Exchange, link with distant cities and universities, and even allow the owner to shop at his favorite store. Unfortunately, the technology for those applications did not exist at the time, but the stereos did go into production.
The cabinet has been stripped, sanded, and refinished with Danish oil to a magazine-worthy new look. It has been professionally serviced and works well.

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