8. Selling your vintage Mid Century Modern furniture (part 1)

8. Selling your vintage Mid Century Modern furniture (part 1)

I wanted to write about selling your vintage Mid Century Modern furniture for a long time, but it is really difficult to find a time for the blog, when there is so much refinishing work (that pays the bills). Anyway, I am here now for you.

You can sell your furniture by yourself on Kijiji, Marketplace, Craiglist or similar websites. They are free to post, and this is your chance to get most of the money (if you are willing to take your time and do something. I will come back later to explain about that).

There are also ways to sell without doing much, except taking some photos and sending by email to "dealers" like us or retail vintage stores, or having the auction company to do the work for you, or talk to consignment store. Estate sale companies also offer these services. Your options will depend on your furniture, condition and desired price.

If you are selling a well known (perhaps designer) furniture in really great condition, and want to maximize the sales price, make high resolution photos (3 MB at least (so that people can properly see your furniture from different sides), write a detailed post including all info you have about the furniture (origin, age, wood type, condition, dimensions); also let customers know if you can deliver, or is it pick up only (location!), what are the payment options (etransfer or cash) and post on Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji.

Some important details to know: if you have a set of furniture (dining room, bedroom, living room), try to sell as the set only. Why? Because there always be some items that everybody wants, and some items that nobody wants. For example, the beds are more popular than the dressers. King and queen beds are popular, double and single beds are not. As for the dining sets, sideboards, buffets, credenzas (not all, depending on their style) are more popular than table and chairs. Often we see the sellers stuck with the remaining parts of the set.  Exception should be done for large wall units - these are very difficult to sell for any price, not just price that reflects they value.

To be continued.

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